if you want to play Phoenix, we strongly recommend considering an autumn or winter tour.

summertime temperatures can reach 115ºF (48ºC), which has come as a shock to more than one back-east band. winter temperatures are much, much nicer.

event production

We specialize in goth, industrial, darkwave and special-interest shows. Over the years, we have produced shows with local, national and international acts, and continue to bring the best entertainment to the Phoenix area.

Our reputation has been built on treating bands well, and our success is evidenced by the number of bands that return, time and again, to share their performances with us.

If you'd like to bring your band or act to Phoenix, please contact us.

Some of our shows:


* The Azoic : Although the members are split between Arizona and Ohio, The Azoic have played for us twice, and astounded audiences.

* Bella Morte : Phoenix favorites, Bella Morte have returned to Phoenix four times, with more shows to come.

* The Crüxshadows : Their first show in Phoenix won the best turnout ever for a Hex Media event, and all subsequent shows have drawn record crowds.

* Gitane Demone : This icon of the gothic music genre graced our stage for a stunning acoustic set.

* Faith and Disease : Another group we've welcomed often to Phoenix, Faith and Disease have graced our stages four times.

* Faith and the Muse : They've been here twice, on the Blackout A.D. tour, as well as the Evidence of America tour.

* The Last Dance : Regular Phoenix visitors, The Last Dance have played for our scene half a dozen times.

* The Razor Skyline : We have been pleased to welcome The Razor Skyline twice to Phoenix, and go in continual hope that they will return.

* Second Skin : Local favorites, Second Skin have participated in many Hex Media events.

* The Strand : Another wildly popular local act, The Strand is gaining national attention.

* ThouShaltNot : One of our more adventurous events was the night ThouShaltNot played Phoenix.

* Urceus Exit : Urceus Exit was a shock of pleasure for our scene in their first ever Phoenix appearance.

* Written in Ashes :

* indicates that this band's first appearance in Phoenix was at a Hex Media event.


Dark For Light
a benefit in the wake of the tragedy at Columbine. Proceeds funded an informational video, designed to teach educators and school administration about the realities of the gothic subculture. Five bands donated their performances: The Azoic, Three Miles Down, Nihil, Second Skin and Paris Burning.


The Killing Jar
In January 1999, the Killing Jar had its opening night at the Mason Jar, ending nearly a year of clublessness for Phoenix goths. It was an instant hit.

Dancing was the primary object of the club, but it also provided a welcoming venue for many bands which might not have otherwise had an opportunity to play to the Phoenix crowd.

While no longer under Hex Media's control, the night continues, in the form of The Forgotten, still on Tuesday nights.

In November 2001, the Phoenix scene got a treat in the form of a weekend club-night, something it hadn't had in four years. Conspiracy was not only open on Fridays, it was the only goth/industrial club with after-hours, staying open until 3am.

Conspiracy became ReQuiem when management of the night was relinquished.